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Lawson Mfg./RanchWorx was founded in 1974 by Marc Lawson. As a division of Lawson, RanchWorx International is proud to continue the Lawson legacy of quality, design ingenuity and integrity by providing the global community with aerators that are the most sought after in the industry. Over the past 40 years, RanchWorx has been creating a global presence to enhance service and availability world wide.

Selling worldwide, RanchWorx does work in all soil types and in the toughest terrains – from sandy soil to heavy clay and rocky. We build the toughest aeration, land clearing and no-till equipment in the marketplace today. Applications from brush management to increasing hay/forage production to land renovation have been made easier across the world and thereby more profitable with the RanchWorx aerator. The Lawson RanchWorx legacy is dedicated to helping the agricultural community, not only in North America, but world wide. Our goals are to improve yields, have healthier soils, and invest in sustainable farming practices.

Hands-on research and development, personal service and close attention to every detail - that's the RanchWorx International way.