Lawson Series Tandem Aerator

Lawson Series Tandem Aerator

New Design for 2016

The Lawson Series Tandem Drum Aerator is designed with interchangeable offset settings that can provide higher levels of incorporation and tillage. This option gives the aerator better versatility for different soil requirements.

The Lawson Tandem is the perfect pasture aeration tool. Built strong enough to handle light brush removal while still being light enough to be pulled with less horsepower. The Tandem design allows for easy alteration to go from a pure pasture aeration set up with parrallel drums, to a tillage device able to turn soil and chop brush, with 5 different offset options to set the tillage amount. These different drum offsets are what make this device so effective on your land and give you the ability to accomplish many jobs.

The RanchWorx Advantage

Prosperity Through Soil Care

Conventional cultivation can have devastating effects on soil. With traditional cultivation techniques, soil is often ploughed several times to create a fine seed bed and control weeds. This will expose soil particles to erosion from wind and rain, destroy humus and result in severe breakdown of soil structure. Repeated passes by heavy tractors and equipment lead to soil degeneration and to the formation of almost impenetrable layers of compacted soil ("hard pan") below the surface.

When soil is compacted and a "hard pan" forms; helpful soil microbes and earthworms are reduced or eliminated, pastures dry out faster, become waterlogged quicker and plant growth is restricted; resulting in lower crop and pasture yields. The RanchWorx Aerator's blades will penetrate and shatter the "hard pan" without exposing the soil to erosion. It works in all soil types - from sandy to heavy clay to rocky - from flawless hayfields to rugged terrains. Hillsides are able to capture the rainwater and avoid run-off. Chemical and natural fertilizers are absorbed and filtered through the soil to grass roots.

In its no-till application, hay fields can be worked while leaving them smooth. Grass roots remain down - not exposed to sunlight. Cattle can remain in worked fields. Because our uncompromised quality extends throughout the RanchWorx and Lawson Series product lines, little maintenance is needed to keep each aerator working for generations to come.

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Benefits of Using A Lawson Tandem Aerator

no-till application

No-Till Application

Our Aerators are a great option for no-till operations to help improve their soil health

The design of a RanchWorx Aerator means little to no disruption of the soil coverage, while still breaking up of the bound roots and soil compaction. Giving clear pathways for organic matter, nutrients, and water to reach to root layers in the soil, allowing the soil to store nutrients and water for when the roots need them the most.

Healthy Soil

Enhanced Soil Conditions

RanchWorx Aerators help remove soil compaction and root bound layers

Removing soil compaction and improving soil structure allows your soil to hold and conduct water, nutrients, and air necessary for plant root activity. Cutting through root bound layers and creating soil that promotes and allows for roots to grow down deeper and access water and nutrient reserves is one of the easiest ways to improve your soil health.

Lawson Tandem Features

Features that help to make the job get done easier
Solid Cold Rolled Axel

Solid Cold Rolled Axels.Extending entire length of the drum.

In order to handle the weight of a water filled drum and the rough ride over tough terrain our aerators have been fitted with a cold rolled steel axel that extends through the entire drum. This mean less worry about breakage and more ability to take your aerator into areas you would have never thought to take your traditional aerator.

Hydraulic Lift System

Hydraulic Lift SystemEasy transportation.

Our aerators have been outfitted with a heavy duty hydraulic landing gear system to make lifting and taking turns easy. The landing gear is able to easily lift the aerator plus a fully filled drum and is sized to fit on roads. We utilize heavy duty aircraft tires and a steel locking bar for safety when transporting down roads.

RanchTech Blades

RanchTech BladesPatented spiral design.

We stand behind the design and don't want you to worry about breakage so much that we offer a lifetime warranty on breakage of our RanchTech blades. After your blades have worn out we offer a system to get the blades replaced and continue the warranty on the life of the new blades.

varied offset

Varriable Offset.Change the drum pattern.

The varying offset design give you the ability to run the tandem aerator as a no-till operation, or by setting a higher offset increase the amount of incorporation and tillage. So depending on the soil and field type you can set up the aerator to give you the results you are looking for.

varied Drum Sizes

varied Drum SizesA Size For Every Soil Type.

On the RanchWorx Tandem Drums come in 24" height and 8' - 12' widths. This mean depending on your soil type we can customize your aerator to work best with what you have.