Add-Ons For Our Aerators

RanchTech Blades

RanchTech Blades

The RanchTech Blades is designed specifically for use with RanchWorx Aerators. This design came from years of research and use with RanchWorx aerators into how to best fracture the ground. Coupled with the spiraled design on the aerator, each time a blade penetrates the ground, the entire weight of the aerator is used to help fracture the ground deeper than the blades penetrates. The blade is then able to cleanly be pulled out of the ground leaving almost no disturbance to the ground.

We have spent a lot of time finding the best materials and design to create the most durable blade for RanchWorx Aerators. The RanchTech blades are able to withstand running over rocks, either pushing them downward or shattering the rock. Our RanchTech blades come with a lifetime warranty on breakage. Even after the work life of the blade is over, using RanchWorx to replace the blades, the warranty will continue.

  • Beveled Leading edge is tapered for slicing bound roots, brush, and soil.

  • Angled Blade tip ensures soil/brush penetration.

  • Forged alloy design increases duty cycle by 3x, compared to blades used in the past.

  • 6” Blade width means exponentially more soil penetration per row.

  • Unique blade design maintains form & sharpness through it’s work cycle.

  • RanchTech Blades are offered in 6” and 8” heights.
RanchTech Blades

Broadcast Seeders

The Optional Seeder attachment is the perfect tool to supplement seed into an existing stand, spreading fertilizer, and planting food plots. There is not better time to surface dress soil than during an aeration pass due to the RanchWorx Aerators ability to remove all compaction from the soil. When seed is sitting on the surface of moisture ready soil, germination results are very favorable once moisture arrives.

Our Seeder packages come ready for you to maximize every second you spend in the field with your aerator. Seeder packages come with a large Seed Storage tray which is fixed above the aerator frame for you to carry your material with you while you aerate. Corresponding steps and a ladder allow the operator to stop in the field to climb up onto an expanded metal walkway to refill the hopper of the seeder with material carried onboard. This infrastructure also houses the 3-point connection point of the seeder to the framework. This connection will allow you to remove the seeder itself from the aerator if required and attach it to a Class II 3-Point hitch tractor to make your investment of a seeder package even more versatile around your operation. Seeders are available in 9.6 or 32 Bushel configurations.

Braodcast Seeders

Fully Removable Drawbar


Available on any of the RanchWorx Series Aerators to pull light secondary equipment during an aeration pass.Drawbars are available as either a basic drag plate, or as a Heavy Duty removable drawbar system.