Brush Clearing

Using an Aerator for brush management

RanchWorx Aerators are designed to be heavy duty in order to withstand almost anything you want to put them through. This makes them ideal for breaking down brush on your land. Easy to drive and coming into a variety of sizes, the RanchWorx aerators are perfect for brush sculpting.

Most wildlife species are selective foragers, preferring to feed on a wide variety of plants rather than a few specific ones. Therefore, habitat improvement recommendations should emphasize the need for an even distribution of food supply from season to season, and the production of a wide variety of choice. Brush management or brush sculpturing allows solid stands of woody vegetation to be interspersed with cleared areas. Cleared strips or blocks produce desirable forb and browse production, while retaining an adequate mosaic of woody cover for escape, nestling, or protection from the elements. Properly utilized brush management practices can improve the menu of escape cover and food plants for both wildlife and livestock.

How RanchWorx Helps With Brush Management

Today's wildlife managers use a combination of mechanical treatments with the ultimate goal of soil disturbance to increase water retention, and to reduce competition from undesirable woody vegetation by returning a plant community to its early successional growth stages. Resulting new growth exhibits increased nutritional levels, increased forage production, and increased forage palatability for most wildlife species.

RanchWorx aerators are the perfect tool to maintain your land, not only allowing you to clear brush and weeds but to break open the soil and allow the soil to become healthier. Pairing running a RanchWorx Aerator with our seeder package, and while clearing brush you can place the wanted species directly into the soil to allow them to become the dominant species on your land. Vegetation growth, diversity, and management begin with the soils underneath. That's what makes RanchWorx Aerators such valuable tools to do this job around your land. The RanchWorx Aerator is designed specifically for creating valuable soil health. Breaking up the soil will release compaction and break up the root structure, creating pathways for nutrients, organic matter, air, and water to get deeper into the soil and form reservoirs.

The RanchWorx Aerator is also a great tool for people and companies just looking to do brush clearing maintenance. Keeping certain land clear of brush and trees is made easier by RanchWorx Aerators, they are easy to transport and are able to be used at higher working speeds so you can cover more area.