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Not all farmers and ranchers (Producers) have the acreage to justify purchasing one of our aerators. When this is the case, we always recommend they contact their local Conservation District for assistance and guidance with a possible rental.

Due to the wide variety of aerator sizes and styles that we offer, we work closely with districts to identify specific soil types, typical tractor size and possible aerator usage. This will ensure districts receive the best aerator for their area. After all, having the “right tool” for everyone will keep the aerator in production and generating income for the district.

If providing producers with an implement that aerates, relieves soil compaction, resolves root bound soil issues, and gives them the ability to reduce the amount of fertilizer used wasn’t enough – cost sharing assistance through Natural Recourses (NRCS) always adds additional benefit. The more popular Environmental Quality Incentives Programs (EQIP) include Brush Management, Forage Management, and Early Successional Habitat Management (CRP).

From a Conservation District point of view, our aerators make great things happen. Districts are able to provide and promote “best practices” while earning income. This income will typically exceed the purchase price within 18 months of purchase. Once generating positive cash flow, Districts are able to use those funds for other things like a no-till drills or educational programs.


Through proper soil conservation practices

Proper soil health comes from the use of proper soil conservation practices, and this is an area that sets us apart from other aeration systems. We did not adapt technology built for lawns and golf courses to create our aerators. Our aerators were designed from the ground up to be applicable to agricultural and ranching uses. We built our aerator not just to make the grass greener but to create healthy soils that would naturally produce better.

Our Aerators are the most effective way of breaking up compacted root bound solid and allowing water, air, and other nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil. Our aerators have the highest rate of root cutting on the market which helps to promote healthy deep root growth. All of this combined leads to the creating of a healthy soil system in which crops can become highly competitive. We are also a No-Till application which is a huge difference between us and our competitors.

RanchWorx believes deeply in proper soil health which is why we are a President’s Club Corporate member of the Soil and Water Conservation Society. Soil health is one of the reasons that drove the design and production of our original aerator over 40 years ago. We now have manufacture over 40 different aerators to better serve our customers in the variety of soil types that exist.

The Lawson and RanchWorx series of aerators are great implement to help improve soil health in a variety of situations. From renovating a 40 year old field to working a current field in production to increase yields. Our aerators are great implements because of the wide variety of jobs it can be put to use on. We have had customers use our aerators to clear finished CRP land to get the land back to the state it needs to be to produce or be used as pasture. Customers have used our aerators in land management with land leveling and clearing compact areas where water accumulates. They have been used to reduce erosion and run off on hilly terrain where many other tools are unable to operate effectively.


put us to work for you

Because of less rain fall over the last few years, the rising price of fertilizer, and reoccurring compaction producers and ranchers continually turn to our product to maximize production and achieve their desired results. These producers and ranchers know that ultimately this practice leads to better soil management and higher yields. Because of economic times, we’re seeing those producers and ranchers looking to their Conservation Districts to rent our products from.

Most all Conservation Districts who purchase our pasture aerators experience high demand for rental of their equipment. Due to this high demand, most often their rental income exceeds the purchase price within 18 months. When a producer sees his neighbor’s positive results, the demand continues. Generating a positive cash flow while promoting a no-till practice is just one reason.

RanchWorx aerators are designed for a wide variety of applications, some of which have cost sharing off-sets via certain EQIP programs.

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