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Soil compaction created from today’s large harvesting equipment in conjunction with the popularity of No-Till farming practices can contribute to an increase in annual soil compaction and subsequent decrease of crop production. Typically soils will lose their ability to store moisture and nutrients as compaction becomes close to the surface soils and seed-bed. A No-Till Soil Aerator can remove this compaction allowing crop roots to grow deeper and prevent lodging, while thriving to utilize available nutrients and water that are being stored deeper in the soil rather than at the surface. A lack of compaction or hard pan in a field crop will aid in higher tolerances to drought and extreme weather as all soil moisture will be stored deeper in the soil and have higher infiltration rates.

field crop production

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field crop production

Fertilizer utilization by a plant is the biggest unknown variable in crop land. Precision farming can allow for such accurate placement of seed and fertilizer that it is merely up to the plant to absorb water and available nutrients during photosynthesis. When compaction is removed from the equation and the plant is able to grow healthier and deeper roots with its taproots being able to work effectively enabling the plant to grow with greater vigor. Instead of allowing for atmospheric wastes of fertilizer, why not allow the plant to utilize everything available to it through a healthy root system?