High traffic of machinery hay and forage fields tends to lead to higher levels of soil compaction which in turn lead to decreased hay and forage production. This decrease is due to lower levels of water infiltration into the soil, root bound growth in the top soil layer, soil compaction, and lack of nutrients reaching the roots.

The use of a RanchWorx aerator will help to minimize soil health challenges related to compaction, and water infiltration while adding to the sustainability of your soil. Our aerators will do more than make the grass green, they will enable your forages to sustain healthier growth and prolonged life-span.

Creating a healthy soil system comes with many other benefits besides more forage. Reducing erosion during rainfalls can have a huge benefit to pastures. By giving the water a way to infiltrate into the soil you reduce runoff that removes your good top soil. You are also able to remove water pooling in certain areas preventing them from becoming water logged and not producing.

Pasture Aeration will also help to reduce your need to add supplements into your field, you will also have to spend less time and fuel using other implements. All of this adds up to a huge monetary and time savings. Pasture Aeration allows you to capture more of what nature already provides you and gives you the ability to store it in the soil and have your forage access it when needed. Increasing the soil resiliency will prevent drought and other weather conditions from having a large effect on your forages and allow you to harness what nature provides.

Running a RanchWorx aerator in the fall after harvest allows you to open your soils to collect as much air, water, nutrients, and organic matter and store it deep in the soil as reserves. Keeping the root system healthy through the winter. When the Grow season starts the plants are a step ahead and ready to grow faster. The increase in growth rate will increase your production rates, and by starting the growing season sooner it gives a better chance of getting an extra cutting out of the year.

The use of a RanchWorx aerator will improve the overall health of your soil, improve your yields, and reduce the amount of fertilizers and nutrients you will need to add to your fields.