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Ranchworx Pasture Aerator

SB Series

With weights up to 1429 lbs per ft this aerator will allow you to tackle any task. From aeration to ground maintenance to maintaining and controlling brush this is our most versatile aerator.

  • 8’x30″
  • 10’x30″
  • 12’x30″
  • 14’x30″
  • 16’x30″
  • 8’x42″
  • 10’x42″
  • 14’x42″
  • 16’x42″

The SB Series is built for performance. Equipped with RanchTech blades along with a large robust frame, this unit is ideal for large producers who have heavily compacted ground. With drums up to 16 ft wide and 42 inches in diameter this unit is designed to unlock your ground’s potential.

Ranchworx Pasture Aerator

Lawson Series

With weights up to 1129 lbs per ft. This equipment will allow you to aerate the most compacted souls along with clearing light brush.
  • 8’x20″ Pull Type
  • 10’x20″ Pull Type
  • 12’x20″ Pull Type
  • 8’x30″ Pull Type
  • 10’x30″ Pull Type
  • 12’x30″ Pull Type
  • 8’x20″ 3PT
  • 10’x20″ 3PT
  • 12’x20″ 3PT
  • 8’x30″ 3PT
  • 10’x30″ 3PT
  • 12’x30″ 3PT

The Lawson series is designed for small-mid size operations that want the same RanchWorx quality product in a more economical package. This unit can be used for a wide variety of applications from aeration to light brush clearing without breaking the bank.

RanchWorx Triplex Series

Triplex Series

This unit was designed with the large operator in mind. With widths up to 39″ wide, the main focus of this build was to create a unit for high volume producers to have the ability to handle large acreage in less time.

  • 21’x30″ 
  • 27″x30″
  • 33’x30″ 
  • 39’x30″ 
  • 21’x42″
  • 27’x42″
  • 33’x42″ 
  • 39’x42″
We put all of our focus into the durability of this product along with ease of maintenance. This will allow the operator to spend more time running the equipment and less time maintaining it.


Ranchworx Pasture Aerator

DA Series

The DA Series was made for aeration as well as large and small brush clearing up to 5″ in diameter.

  • 10’x20″
  • 12’x20″
  • 14’x20″
  • 16’x20″
  • 10’x30″
  • 12’x30″
  • 14’x30″
  • 16’x30″
  • 10’x42″
  • 12’x42″
  • 14’x42″
  • 16’x42″

This unit was designed with the reclamation of land and heavy brush clearing in mind. The versatility of this product allows operators to perform a task as simple as aerating a pasture all the way up to ridding their property of heavy brush and unwanted growth. With a simple adjustment of the drums you can turn this aerator into a brush eating machine.

Lifetime Warranty

Our Lifetime Warranty against blade breakage is available on all of our RanchWorx Aerators. 
Ranchworx Pasture Aerator ranchtecg blades
ranchworx ranchtech blade lifetime warranty


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