RanchWorx designs the RanchWorx SB Series to be the best Pasture Aerator on the market

August 30, 2017

Clifton, TX. (August 30, 2017) – RanchWorx is enhancing its Pasture Aerator line-up with the launch of its RanchWorx SB Series Single Drum Aerator. The new SB Series features a new full width tongue and frame built stronger to be able to handle more jobs on your land.

“This machine is your “go-to” Pasture Aerator or Pasture Renovator, a rental yard ‘must-have,’ and the ultimate machine for brush removal” said John Burgess, RanchWorx Brand Marketing Specialist at RanchWorx Global. “The new SB Series is ready for your toughest job sites; it comes packed with a ton of features and is built heavy-duty all around.”

The SB Series works even harder on your land for you, with features including the incased axel bearing design, introduced in February 2016, proven to hold up under intense testing to deliver longer bearing life. The improved hydraulic landing gear can lift the aerator easier and provides easier transport around your land. The new RanchWorx SB Series comes in two different drum sizes, 30” and 42” diameter. RanchWorx will also be offering the SB series in 5 different widths, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, and 16’.

Other features include a full width tongue system that provides more protection for the aerator drum and also provides an easier pull for your tractor putting less stress on the drawbar. Made for heavy-duty agricultural work, the SB Series is built with heavy-duty aircraft tires, along with a new hitch system that works with both tractors and dozers.

The SB Series is perfect for fall/winter usage to prepare your land for a great spring result. Removing soil compaction and creating healthy soil structures to allow for natural grasses to prosper. These healthy soils become sponges during the winter to absorb water and organic material throughout the winter, boosting early spring growth and more nutritious grasses.

The newly designed SB Series will be available from RanchWorx North America and Canada April 2017. For more information, visit RanchWorx North America.