Why RanchWorx?

Less Maintenance

Spend more time using your equipment and less time maintaining it. Because our uncompromised quality extends throughout the RanchWorx product lines, little maintenance is required.

Higher Yields

RanchTech Blades combined with a RanchWorx signature aerator, will allow every molecule of water to be absorbed and utilized by the plant resulting in higher yields.

Lifetime Warranty

The new RanchTech blades have a beveled and tapered edge that sharpens with use. This new forged alloy gives the blades a 40,000+ acre lifespan. RanchTech blades include a lifetime warranty against breakage.

Return on Investment

We now offer an online tool that creates a personalized ROI report to calculate how quickly your equipment will pay for itself.

"When I got my aerator, I kept about 20 acres of land un-aerated but kept everything else the same to see if I could tell the difference. When I cut my hay from the aerated land, the hay came off the ground that I aerated made five and a half rolls per acre. The hay from the land that was not aerated only made about three rolls per acre."
Ranchworx Pasture Aerator review
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