How They Work

An educational animation of how RanchWorx Aerators Work.

Success Story

Mr. Roady tells us why he decided to buy RanchWorx and how it helped him.

Success Story

Mr. James tells us what drove him to call and order his own RanchWorx Aerator.

Increased Yeilds

Mr. Roady talks about how aerating his pastures increased his yields, even with a low amount of rainfall.

Brush Clearing

Mr. Markuson talks about how many acres he is able to accomplish in a day and how much it can cost him to operate the unit.

Land Clearing

See how one land clearing company uses the RanchWorx Triplex to clear land fast and effectively.

Does It Work

When Mr. Roady got his RanchWork Aerator he did a test on his land. Hear about his amazing results.


Mr. Henry talks about how after years of over seeding clover and not getting results, he tried a RanchWorx Aerator and can’t believe the results he is getting and the money he is saving.

Worth The Price

Mr. James answers a simple question. Is a RanchWorx Aerator worth the purchase price?

Water absorption

Mr. James talks about how aerating his pastures allowed his soil to capture and retain rainwater and avoid run-off.

fertilizer savings

Mr. Roady talks about how he uses the RanchWorx Aerator in conjunction with spray fertilizer and nitrogen, and how it helps them get straight to the root zone.

Any Changes?

Mr. Roady talks about the New RanchWorx design and if there is anything he would change.

Justify The Price

Mr. Roady talks about how he was able to justify the price of the RanchWorx Aerator.

When To Aerate

Mr. Roady tells us what the best soil conditions are to run a RanchWorx Aerator.

Feed Your Cows

Mr. Roady tells us about how he is able to use less hay to maintain his herd by using the RanchWorx Aerator to grow taller thicker grass.

Aerating Vs. Discing

Mr. Roady talks about how he used to use a disc tiller, but now that he has his RanchWorx Aerator he hasn’t touched the disk.

Land Management

Mr. Markuson uses a Tandem Drum for Mulching and Vegetation Management throughout Florida for Federal, State, County and Local Municipalities to clear brush along power lines.

Weeds To CLover

Mr. Henry shares how aerating his pastures increased his clover production.