Reclaiming land that has been dormant or abused for long periods of time can be a very daunting task without a Soil Aerator. Old and heavily used fields can suffer from severe soil compaction and hard pan, which can lead to root bound crops, and an unhealthy soil structure leading to production losses. These type of lands tend to see less desirable species of plants begin to take over, and in many cases come in the form of weeds and wooded species. RanchWorx Aerators are the optimum tool to reclaim low production and unused fields, giving you the ability to rehabilitate the soil to a stable composition in which the desirable species can be the most competitive. A RanchWorx Soil Aerator is the most efficient, effective and environmentally responsible solution to reclaiming farm land.

Soil Sustainability is the goal of all soils used in agriculture. When invasive and perennial weeds, and wooded species thrive to the point that the land is no longer usable for crop agriculture, Soils becomes a breeding place for the less-desirable species and in the long term may even lose their PH balance over time. Such unfortunate situations can lead people to think that chemical intervention and traditional deep tillage practices are required. Tearing out a field can be a dangerous act especially if in a region of likely wind or water erosion. In many cases tearing up a field can be the cause of lost organic matter within the soil structure, let alone be a high cost procedure with future crop production down-time. In an area where a crop rotation is not possible due to the topography, or a producer’s requirement for pasture and feed, a Soil Aerator will maintain a stable soil composition and water intake to stimulate the crops while keeping them in production longer.

By creating a clean incision in the soil surface with a subsequent deep fracture in the soil will promote deep root growth, as it will remove compaction, hard pan, and root bound layers from affecting production. Using a Soil Aerator for open field work will allow for maximum water retention and nutrient availability. A RanchWorx Soil Aerator used in brush management will allow the removal of the wooded species, while mulching and incorporating the material into the soil so the desirable species can flourish. Following the pass of a Soil Aerator, water and oxygen will percolate through the soil promoting the decomposition of organic material. When a balanced soil composition is attained it will be a healthy ecosystem for plants, roots, and microorganisms.

Seeding after or during the use of an aerator will allow you to place seed onto the soil at a time that new germination can take place. The plants will be able to grow their roots deeper into the soil as they will longer be fighting compaction and hard pan, and will be focused on chasing the water stored deep in the soil.

Land reclamation for industry commonly requires the restoring the site and ecosystem functions, and returning disturbed lands to their original use or use prior to disturbance. Typically this is returned to crop production or wildlife habitat. The benchmark for successful reclamation typically is the establishment of a specific plant community that is self-sustaining and meets standards for density and overall production. Correct care for soil horizons and land contours will aid in the overall rehabilitation of the ecosystem.

A common difficulty faced when restoring land to its original state after heavy use is dealing with soil compaction. Using a RanchWorx Aerator can help reverse the soil density that was created. The massive dry weight of the Aerator in conjunction to its water holding capacity can insure that any soil can be relieved of compaction, and that the sculpting of the land to blend with the environment around it can be attained. With the addition of a seeder package on our aerator you can supplement nutrients and desired seeds to your work area drastically cutting down on the time needed to get the job done. Our aerator is capable of land leveling, fracturing compacted soils, and seeding all on the same pass.