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There is no need to buy a lot of expensive equipment because the RanchWorx aerator will aerate your soil, as well as clear brush and remove unwanted species while relieving soil compaction. Water retention, overgrown brush, erosion, and invasive species are all things that RanchWorx Aerators can help with on your land. The ability of RanchWorx Aerators to be a multi-tasking piece of machinery on your land makes it one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you will own.

Many solutions for soil compaction require you to fully turn your land making it unsuitable for grazing for a long period of time. RanchWorx Aerator’s are designed specifically to not only penetrate the ground but, with the use of weight and torque, fractures the ground deep. RanchWorx Aerators can be used on your rangeland while the livestock still forage and break up soil compaction.

RanchWorx Aerators help to make your soil healthy and ready to promote growth. Opening up your soil and turning it into a sponge for water, air, nutrients, and organic material, will help you to reclaim   your rangeland and make it more productive.

Pasture Aeration

RanchTech Blades  vs. Tine Style

Soil Fracturing
18-24 inch
>4 inch
Tine Style
Work Rate
Up to 12 MPH
Up to 5 MPH
Tine Style
Root Breaking
6 inch Cut
2 inch Tear
Tine Style
Acres Per Hour
10-15 Acres/ Hour
3-5 Acres/ Hour
Tine Style

Hay & Forage

The design of a RanchWorx Aerator means little to no disruption of the soil coverage, while still breaking up the bound roots and compacted soil. This gives clear pathways for organic matter, nutrients, and water to reach to root layers in the soil allowing the soil to store nutrients and water for when roots need them most.Using a RanchWorx Aeator will reduce the amount of fertilizers and nutrients you will need to add to your fields. because the soil will be open to receiving more water and nutrients.

High traffic of machinery in hay and forage fields tends to lead to higher levels of soil compaction which in turn leads to decreased hay and forage production. This decrease is due to lower levels of water infiltration into the soil, root bound growth in the top soil layer, soil compaction, and lack of nutrients reaching the roots. The use of a RanchWorx aerator will help to minimize soil health challenges related to compaction, and water infiltration while adding to the sustainability of your soil. Our aerators will do more than make the grass green, they will enable your forage to sustain healthier growth and a prolonged life-span.

Running a RanchWorx aerator in the fall after harvest allows you to open your soils to collect as much air, water, nutrients, and organic matter and store it deep in the soil as reserves. Keeping the root system healthy through the winter.

Land Reclamation

Reclaiming land that has been dormant or abused for long periods of time can be a very daunting task without a Soil Aerator. Old and heavily used fields can suffer from severe soil compaction and hard pan, which can lead to root bound crops, and an unhealthy soil structure leading to production losses. These type of lands tend to see less desirable species of plants begin to take over, and in many cases come in the form of weeds and wooded species. RanchWorx Aerators are the optimal tool to reclaim low production and unused fields, giving you the ability to rehabilitate the soil to a stable composition in which the desirable species can be the most competitive. A RanchWorx Soil Aerator is the most efficient, effective, and environmentally responsible solution to reclaiming farm land.

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Brush Management

RanchWorx Aerators are designed to be heavy duty in order to withstand just about anything you want to put them through. This makes them ideal for clearing brush on your land.

The ultimate goal is soil disturbance to increase water retention and to reduce competition from undesirable woody vegetation. These practices return a plant community to its early successional growth stages. The resulting new growth exhibits increased nutritional levels, increased forage production, and increased forage palatability for most wildlife species.

Keeping certain land clear of brush and trees is made easier by RanchWorx Aerators. They are easy to transport and have higher working speeds so you can cover large areas efficiently and cost effectively.

Game Management

Animals need to have strategic pathways for access to food and water. Creating opportunities for travel, shelter, and feeding can be difficult because animals never just follow the path of least resistance. Using an Aerator to promote access to pathways can be a very effective practice. Similar to crop agriculture, feed production and recovery rates of the feed, need to be at optimal rates in order to keep game from moving on to other locations. A Soil Aerator will enable the crops to have the healthiest life possible during the growing season.

Aerating Food Plots will ensure you are storing the most moisture possible and utilizing nutrients for sustained growth. Being able to control native vegetation and promoting food plots will help to keep other areas of your land from being over-grazed and keep specific locations attractive to the animals. RanchWorx Soil Aerators in conjunction with a hydraulically controlled seeder attachment can be used to spread seed, fertilizers, and minerals for game leaving you with a versatile solution to suit your entire operation.

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