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RanchWorx Tri Series

Built for heavy duty applications. When you need to aerate pasture fields, smooth/level, work in fertilizer, or a chopper for brush management – the RanchWorx Series Aerators are the perfect implements to get the job done.

Our forward-thinking, expertly engineered design means you can run our aerator at faster ground speeds achieving higher acres per hour, and increase production. Our patented spiral blade pattern is designed specifically to relieve compaction, manage crop residue, and create pathways for water, and nutrients to get to the optimal root zone.

Features that get the job done

RanchWorx Triplex Features

Extending entire length of the drum
In order to handle the weight of a water filled drum and the rough ride over tough terrain our aerators have been fitted with a cold rolled steel axel that extends through the entire drum. This mean less worry about breakage and more ability to take your aerator into areas you would have never thought to take your traditional aerator.

Multiple Formations
Through the use of heavy duty chains you can adjust the angle of the trailing side rollers. This can be done to keep them straight in line with the first drum, or to offset them to create tillage.

We stand behind the design and don’t want you to worry about breakage so much that we offer a lifetime warranty on breakage of our RanchTech blades. After your blades have worn out we offer a system to get the blades replaced and continue the warranty on the life of the new blades.

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