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The RanchWorx Tandem Drum Aerator is designed from the ground up for pasture aeration and land management. Through its use of RanchTech Blades, heavy gauge steel construction, and triangulated tongue, its capabilities range from maximum sub-soil fracturing power through to brush clearing and land management applications. With its varied drum offset the tandem can go from a No-Till to a Tillage Machine depending on what’s needed.

Our forward-thinking, expertly engineered design means you can run our aerator at faster ground speeds achieving higher acres per hour, and increase production. Our patented spiral blade pattern is designed specifically to relieve compaction, manage crop residue, and create pathways for water and nutrients to get to the optimal root zone.

Features that get the job done

RanchWorx Tandem Features

In order to handle the demands of aeration as well as brush clearing and land management, we have upgraded the axle and bearings. We have also placed the axle behind the frame in order to protect it from debris. The axle and bearings are bigger and stronger to handle all situations you can think to put it through.

We stand behind the design and don’t want you to worry about breakage so much that we offer a lifetime warranty on breakage of our RanchTech blades. After your blades have worn out we offer a system to get the blades replaced and continue the warranty on the life of the new blades.

The RanchWorx Single Drum aerator has a variety of drum sizes from 20″ and 42″ in height and 10′ – 16′ in width. This means no matter your soil type we have a size that work for you.

Our aerators have been outfitted with a heavy duty hydraulic landing gear systems to make lifting and taking turns easy. The landing gear is able to easily lift the aerator plus a fully filled drum and is sized to fit on roads. We utilize heavy duty aircraft tires and a steel locking bars for safety when transporting down roads.

The RanchWorx Tandem is built to be able to handle brush clearing and other rough jobs, so we designed it to be able to handle the job without breaking. We have reinforced around the axle and bearings in order to keep debris from damaging them.

The varying offset design gives you the ability to run the tandem aerator as a no-till operation or by setting a higher offset to increase the amount of incorporation and tillage. Depending on the soil and field type, you can set up the aerator to give you the results you are looking for.

ranchworx seeder package attachment

1. Seeders

Our integrated broadcast seeders offer accurate rate control and ease of use while aerating. The broadcast width also allows for seeding to only have to be done every second or third row.

ranchworx ranchtech blades

2. Larger Blades

Upgrade to 8″ blades extend the life of your blades, especially if you have extremely hard soil.

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