The RanchTech Blade is designed specifically for use with RanchWorx Aerators. This design came from years of research and development with RanchWorx Aerators.  Coupled with the spiraled design on the aerator, each time a blade penetrates the ground the entire weight of the aerator is used to fracture deeper than the blade penetrates. The blade is then able to cleanly lift from the ground, leaving almost no disturbance to the soil surface.

We have spent years finding the best materials and design to create the most durable blade for RanchWorx Aerators. The RanchTech Blades are capable of handling the harshest terrains, even shattering rock and clearing unwanted brush. Our RanchTech Blades come with a lifetime warranty against breakage. Even after the work life of the blade is over, using RanchWorx to replace the blades, the warranty will continue.

– Beveled leading edge is tapered for slicing bound roots

– Angled Blade tip ensures soil/brush penetration

– Forged alloy design increases duty cycle by 3x

– 6” Blade width means more soil penetration per row

– Unique blade design maintains form & sharpness

– RanchTech Blades are offered in 6” and 8” heights

– Welded and gusseted design for superior strength

RanchWorx blade


RanchWorx No Till

No-Till Application

The design of a RanchWorx Aerator means little to no disruption of the soil coverage, while still breaking up the bound roots and compacted soil. This gives clear pathways for organic matter, nutrients, and water to reach to root layers in the soil allowing the soil to store nutrients and water for when roots need them most.

Healthy Soil Aerator

Enhanced Soil Conditions

One of the easiest ways to improve your soils health is by removing soil compaction and improving soil structure. This allows your soil to hold and conduct water, nutrients, and air necessary for plant root growth. Creating soil that promotes and allows for root growth down deep is now easier with RanchWorx.

Conventional cultivation can have devastating effects on soil. With traditional cultivation techniques, soil is often ploughed several times to create a fine seed bed and control weeds. This will expose soil particles to erosion from wind and rain, destroy humus and result in severe breakdown of soil structure. Repeated passes by heavy tractors and equipment lead to soil degeneration and to the formation of almost impenetrable layers of compacted soil (“hard pan”) below the surface.

When soil is compacted and a “hard pan” forms; helpful soil microbes and earthworms are reduced or eliminated, pastures dry out faster, become waterlogged quicker and plant growth is restricted; resulting in lower crop and pasture yields. The RanchWorx Aerator’s blades will penetrate and shatter the “hard pan” without exposing the soil to erosion. It works in all soil types – from sandy to heavy clay to rocky – from flawless hayfields to rugged terrains. Hillsides are able to capture the rainwater and avoid run-off. Chemical and natural fertilizers are absorbed and filtered through the soil to grass roots.

In its no-till application, hay fields can be worked while leaving them smooth. Grass roots remain down – not exposed to sunlight. Cattle can remain in worked fields. Because our uncompromised quality extends throughout the RanchWorx and Lawson Series product lines, little maintenance is needed to keep each aerator working for generations to come.